• Any luck?

    by  • April 4, 2014 • To You • 2 Comments

    Fuck you, you filthy, pathetic pieces of shit.

    You think I wasn’t going to find out?


    You’re BOTH fucked in the head. I’m so happy that I’ve never had the misfortune of knowing you, too bad I can’t say the same for him. You can have him. Go for it. I’ve told him to go after you many times, and where the fuck is he? Certainly not at your damn doorstep.

    He’s similar to a 3 year old. You say “Don’t touch that, it’s gross, and unsavoury.” What does the 3 y.o. do? Touch it. Instantly.

    Perhaps I should forward you the many apologies, and emails begging me not to leave him, telling me how little you mean to him, how he doesn’t care about you, what a frigging mistake you were, blah fucking blah. t’s all bullshit, I mean every word out of his mouth is bullshit. Always. It’s not that he DOES care about you, it’s that he cares about NOONE but himself.

    Get a frigging life, it will never happen between the two of you, even if I’m not in the picture, he’ll just fuck you until he finds some poor girl who actually does matter to him. Then you’ll find yourself in this exact same position again. Again though, “matter” is a loose word, I don’t mean emotionally attached to… I mean well, she’ll give him something he needs.

    Don’t you get it? As far as he is concerned you’re the side piece of ass. That’s all you’ve ever been to him, and that’s because that’s what you settled on being. That perception will never change now. For fucks sakes. You both just blow my fucking mind. You with your desperation, and him with his ability to treat everyone with such disconnect.

    I wish that I had the brains and courage to walk away from this before. I can’t believe what a fucking stupid, naïve, gullible little moron I’ve been. I’ve always known when things were going on, but just didn’t want to KNOW. I’d basically stick my fingers in my ears, shut my eyes tight, and sing real loud. Fuck. I am shaking with rage.

    I’m so fucking mad, fed up, and stressed out. I hate you both. You’re both pathetic psychopaths, and I am fucking finished. Go torture each other until the end of freaking time. I am fucking done with this.


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    1. britney
      April 8, 2014 at 12:31 am

      Im sorry you are obviously hurt and now angry. Sometimes things are not as clear as they seem. Remember that always. Hug to you. Let it out. All of it. Then return to being your nice self.

    2. author
      April 8, 2014 at 10:50 am

      Appreciate the sentiment, but I think my 4 years of experience sort of trumps what you may think given your knowledge from a handful of paragraphs.

      sometimes things are fucking crystal clear.

      save your assumed knowledge on my life

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