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    Episode Recaps & TV Guide

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    The more I read these letters, the more I think back to a time when I would respond or comment in a nutty manner. Now it honestly makes me laugh; some letters resemble episodes I’ve watched on the television. Yeah that’s it. Related Post A Letter to my Brain It’s a bad situation when…. take

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    omg heard your voice

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    very awkward but what a rush.. i was shaking afterward as if i had a six shot espresso. i was all kinds of happy. had no clue you’d be the one calling but immediately i recognized the voice.. i know i’m such a nerd, i need to pull it together. Related Post Disappointed secrets locked

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    Why are you breaking them?

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    There’s a separate branch of my family. In recent years the alcoholic brother passed away after making the choice to save his life for his family and kids. The matriarch and patriarch of the family are both in declining health living with dementia together while their amazing kids take turns and paychecks devoting their time

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    I love you.

    by  • April 4, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    Z. I love you so freaking much. You always made me believe you loved me too. You’ve always been there. You talk to me all day, all night. You tell ne stuff about you that no one knows about. You tell me all you secrets, your dreams and your insecurities. And I listen. Always. But

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