• It does make a difference

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    I’m not exactly one to smile often but I don’t intentionally give out dirty looks either (might’ve done that a few times). Sometimes exchanging words seems to be all that’s needed. A lot of people out there seem to be in a state of “whatever”.

    Not like I just figured this out today. Maybe I’m just reminding myself to make it more of a habit, because it certainly puts me in a better mood being on the receiving end. Of course, you can’t please everyone, and maybe someone close passed away, maybe they recently lost they’re job, relationship, happen to just be depressed/angry/indifferent etc. for no one particular reason.

    But then again, communication is what’s required sometimes. You can’t just look at someone and think you’ve got them and/or their intentions all figured out (speaking for myself, from past experiences).

    I don’t always care what people think, yet sometimes, sometimes I do.

    Simple things don’t need to become complicated, I don’t need to complicate them. This is also just another reminder to myself.

    Off topic: My ears are grateful Youtube, for all the bands I’ve discovered.

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