• Dearest Cousin

    by  • April 2, 2014 • Family Stuff • 0 Comments

    Though I thank you for putting me up in your house for free while I start my new life after moving from NY to NC, I regret to inform you that my smoking is my goddamn business. You can make rules of restriction, you can tell me not around you, your kid. I smoke electronics. They are nicotine and water vapor. And nothing else. I tolerate the obnoxious boundaries you pointlessly create because it is YOUR house. However, seeing as how there’s no second hand smoke involved, it is NOT harmful to the people around me, and has no smell, there as absolutely no reason for you to tell me to quit. I am 25 years old and quite fucking capable of making my own decisions in this grown up world. Yes, it’s a stupid addiction. Yes, I’ve tried to quit. Failed. Many times. You know this. Yet you persist. And what’s worse is your drinking problem. No, yours is not an addiction. But you do it enough to be harmful to yourself. And mine is not nearly as harmful as yours. And that is incredibly frustrating. I do not take well to being told how to run my life. And I’m sure you can relate, considering that bullheadedness runs in the family like blood. So you can just back the fuck off. I’m only here until I have enough jobs to pay for my own place, and then I’m out of your spare stinky-ass litterbox room that gives me nightly headaches. It’s bullshit and you know it. Deal with the water vapor or next time don’t tell me to fucking come to your house when I need a fresh start. Like I don’t have enough to stress about with my bf being in GA and having no job and no place of my own and thinking to myself that I have to feel guilty for mooching off of you like you never even offered for me to come here. I don’t need you hassling me about my bad habits when yours are way worse. Please and fucking thank you.

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