• ‘hat I should have said

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    I should have said that I’ve loved you from the very second that I saw your face. You didn’t know, but it was actually at the restaurant where you used to work. I walked in for an application and laid eyes on your perfect face, your “Elvis hair”, your tattoos. You were my one fantasy that had come true.It sounds so cliche but it was undoubtedly love at first sight.
    I should have told you that the next time I saw you I felt so sure, so comforted. I had thought of you every second and wondered if i’d ever see my living dream again. It was at that small rock show in the local skate park, you watched me too. Haha, you even made a Facebook just to talk to me. I should have told you about the butterflies in my stomach every single time I looked at your sweet sweet face. I should have told you that i’ve never had the feeling that I did when I woke up next to you, when you’d kiss my neck.

    I should have told you that you broke me. You ripped every inch of me apart and never cared. You turned me into an addict, I didn’t want to feel anything without you.
    I should have told you that I gave up on myself.That I couldn’t handle anymore.
    I want to tell you everyday how much I still love you. How after everything, id still wake up every morning next to you..if you wanted me too. I may have given up on myself but I don’t think i’ll ever give up on you. I’m sorry I never told you, I miss you W.
    -J ?

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