• Treated unfairly

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    Dear mom,
    When I was my sister’s age my mom would spend nothing on me… I had the same clothes forever mostly because nothing new would for me and I liked Baggie clothes. I got maybe 3-4 pairs a jeans per year because they would either get too small or too short or perhaps too big… I don’t like dress up shirts so I always have wore tshirts. Today my sister went shopping with my mom. My mom said she had a fun time. The only reason she had a good time is because she bought my sister something because if she didn’t my sister would start whining and crying because she never gets anything but in reality she is a spoiled brat! She got 6 shirts, 2 leggings, perfume from bath and body works and shoes today when I go shopping I get a pair of jeans MAYBE! Now that I have a job my mom makes me buy everything! She had to at least have spent $100 today alone on my sister oh and not to mention my sister if going to mall of America tomorrow to go shopping AGAIN! This is totally unfair I believe what you spend on my sister you should spend on me I am just in high school I get paid a little more than minimum wage and you want me to save up for college which I am so I can’t do anything now cause you won’t give me no money to do stuff because I am saving for my future. And another thing is that my mom is going to spend another $150 on her this week because she cracked her phone screen…. My sister is literally the most spoiled person I have ever met I have hardly any clothes and she can hardly shut the drawers in her dressers…

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    1. Houston
      March 30, 2014 at 12:43 pm

      Be grateful for what you have instead of being jealous of your family. Don’t like it? Leave. Quit complaining. Some people would be ecstatic about some big jeans and a t-shirt.

    2. britney
      April 21, 2014 at 8:24 pm

      Hello houston….its called venting. The author is frustrated and resentful. Dont you remember being in school and feeling pressured to measure up. Its called growing up. Yes the author needs to realize materialistic crap doesnt matter and that theres no need to conform to others ideals….but you need to realize you are being hateful to a high schooler that is still trying to find themself. Chill out on the rudeness. Its not warrented.
      Not scared to call you out

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