• Please Come Back To Earth!

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    This is the message I have written U, so please do not read ANY anon. Msgs until you read this reminder. This reminder of reality: what has occurred in real life. Please rational mind, start booting up NOW! The two times you’ve received a ‘real’ legit message from him, here’s what happened: 1. msg#1 he completely ignored…aka he didn’t have any interest in talking to you; #2. Msg number two- he answered your question/ the task that needed to be completed..but completely 100% ignored your feelings He did not EVER,like never acknowledge them, it was as if you’d never written any of your feelings down at all… now LISTEN,the fact he brushed off your feelings when you tried to bring them up…means he doesn’t care or want to talk about them with you. SO PLEASE, listen! think and read over what I just said and DO NOT read into any love msgs as being from him, because-from the ‘real facts’ the “real’ message he has sent says something like this: M, ‘I’m sorry’ but I just do not have any interest in conversing further with you..Feelings? Oh sorry, I must have read over that paragraph. I’d rather not acknowledge them if possible. I may be a special person to you, but I don’t care.You’re feelings don’t mean anything to me, I don’t care to talk about them with you. I’m so sorry. Jk.:-) hang in there!” I know you like saturn, Venus. You want so badly to give him romantic love, I know you love him, I really do. But Venus, you are breaking your own heart…over and over and over by reading into ‘nice, loving, gestures that aren’t real. He’s not attracted to you, and for a romantic relationship to begin, physical attraction has to be mutual. I know this hurts your feelings, but you’ve got to realize, Venus, not ALL men will be attracted to you like in the past. Besides this part, he has made it clear -this happened on Earth- that he doesn’t want you and doesn’t acknowledge your feelings..absolutely nothing. So please please please! Don’t bring up your feelings to him, because not only has he made it clear he wants nothing to do with them, but let’s be honest…you’re really wanting to know If he has feelings for you..you want to hear it from him. I feel so bad, I know how much you love him sweetheart, but he’s already answered that question: no. :(. I know how hard this is, but you’ve got to let him go…he’s not yours, even though I do understand how much you wanted that. You cannot make him see you as beautiful. You can’t make him care about you. We’ve been there, tried that. I understand venus, you want a man that cares about you, just like your dad you lost years and years ago. But he’s not your dad and he doesn’t care about you. I know you feel dependent on your feelings for him, and this isn’t a mentally strong or happy time in your life right now either. I’m so very sorry, I put you through all this pain, I told you that you were his special girl and he loved you, amongst other things, then I took that all away from you. Please try, I know it seems so hopeless now…but please give it one more try. Give this life one, just one, more try before giving up. You wanted to be able to help someone in someway one day, remember? Try to focus on getting these dreams and goals back, for your brother and sister. If he had waited just a little bit longer, you could have been there more, then his heart would be happy again…remember how we used to talk about that with Gram? Please, try for her, and give it at least one last shot. And remember..don’t, do not read the anonymous msgs you were abt to read b4 you came and read your “reminder”. Even though I put you through a lot, I still have something left please….don’t let it run out…please rebuild it back up.
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    1. Rachel
      March 29, 2014 at 4:56 pm

      I hope your person finds someone that will love them. Although reality is harsh at times it’s not easy to just fall out of love. Maybe someday you will meet someone you think the world of beyond, physical attraction and let’s see how you will survive.

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