• I can’t hate you if you’re not here

    by  • March 26, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    We never planned on this happening. We were babies when we started dating, just fifteen. Five years later and here we are.. who would have thought that after years of friendship, love, heartbreak, broken trust, earned trust, lessons learned, that we wouldn’t even be able to stand the thought of one another. I thought studying abroad, away from you, would be the best choice for me to grow as my own person. You told me you’d wait for me, you lied. You never even gave us a chance. You were my prince, and I was just your favorite past time. How could you treat the girl you love so terribly, like I’m worthless. I pour my heart into you, and go days without a reply. I gave everything for you. I gave away my dreams of attending a university to follow you to your dream school, which you ended up failing out of, leaving me alone. We’re not a team anymore, everything’s on my back. I grew up and you stayed the same. How do I move on? You’ve been my entire life since I can remember. I hate you so much, Nick, except I love you even more. Here I am left to pick up the pieces you left me in.

    I hate you.. but how can I hate you if you’re not here.

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