• High&Dry (Radiohead)

    by  • March 25, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, One Night Stand • 0 Comments

    There are some things in life, that are not supposed to happen. You were one of them. I was never supposed to like you. You were not supposed to pretend that you like me back (or like me first). I was never supposed to fall for you. I could just have a crush (yeah, I did, secretly for a long time). And I got drunk (thank you, for buying me those last drinks), and I had to kiss you, and you had to kiss me back…

    You kissed my back softly when I was pretending that I was sleeping-I knew that this is all.
    I kissed you in the morning before leaving-I knew that this is all.
    I gave you my phone number-I knew you will never call me.

    I know that you sometimes stare at me, stare like you want me too. NOW, this minute I would like to throw all my self esteem and crawl back to you. I won‘t. If you want me-you would do something… I already did enough.

    Even if you like someone badly, it does not mean that they have to like you back.
    Even if I like YOU badly, it does not mean that you have to like me back.
    I want to be finished with you, I will be soon… Take care of yourself, meet someone, fall in love. Be happy, not just be ok.


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