• You. The Unknown

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    I think about it daily. You. Consuming my thoughts. Have I made the right choice? Are you the one for me? You are perfect in every way, but you have baggage that I never pictured myself involved with. As time goes on, I tilt back and forth, back and forth on if I should leave you. Leave the one that treats me so well for the chance to meet someone else that can give me what I eventually want. But will that new person be as good as you? I fear I will not find it if I leave you. Everyday my hesitation continues and doubt arises. I am scared to severe you off. Fear of being alone and by myself. But, in some sense, I am by myself due to your other obligations that life has dealt you. You don’t give me any resolution when I ask. You slip into my life and give vague answers and at times, I feel it is just a selfish way to keep you near me for your own fears of being alone. Everyday I wake up thinking that I will see the light and I will have the answer. But I hold onto you, like a tethered rope that will soon wear away from the elements. Why can’t you make the sacrifices to what I want. If you love me the way you say you do, then why the excuses? I picture a future with you, but then part of me pulls away from that vision. Are my doubts giving me my answer? I don’t know how much longer I can do this for you.

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    1. tricia
      March 25, 2014 at 5:19 pm

      doubt is just the unknown.. trust me i have plenty of doubt about how he feels, part of me thinks maybe he does but part of me thinks im just crazy to think that… as you mention baggage, i wouldn’t consider my kids that but i don’t think he’d want that so im leaning towards im crazy and should just eventually let go.. how do you find closure when there’s no goodbye?? who knows what the truth is…

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