• Wish I’d never met you.

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    Dear baby,

    First of all… let me say I love you. Secondly… how do I begin. First of all… your son. He is so large that he takes it to his advantage and plays dumb. He is aggressive abusive and disrespectful. He scares me. Alot. He has knocked me down threatened me… scared my ferret and I don’t know how much more I can take. Your daughter is just disrespectful. She’s mouthy and obnoxious. You constantly want me to take her places and I am embarrassed to be anywhere with either of your children. They are even more loud than they are at home screaming across the house blasting every electronic device they can find that isn’t broken by them. I have given up so many opportunities and friends because of Our relationship. You continually break my heart by going behind my back and texting/calling/pic messaging ect any and every female you can. I live with you and the chicken head that lives down the street constantly and continuously messages and calls you. You don’t care how I feel about this. Within the last 6 months I have begun my own little friendships with men that respect and listen to me. I don’t know how to let our love go because you are the only constant thing I have ever had in my life and by constant I only mean your presence. My ferret is what I look forward to coming home to… and I walked in on your son shaking his cage violently with him in it. He 3ven told me he enjoys scaring things smaller than him. I watched you look at him and not say anything. Because I had no choice when I wasn’t working I was forced to give up my car and my drivers liscense. You told me you would take me anywhere and it wouldn’t be a problem. Now you complain and talk shit about any/every ride I get. I have given up on things that used to make me feel good like getting my eyebrows and toes done. I look sloppy because we are so broke because your checks are so short and you’re on child support. It’s like I am paying dearly for your mistakes. I hate it when your kids come. You make sure you aren’t home so I get to deal with your disgusting obese piece of trash mother of your children. What a sad example of what a mother should NOT be. Your kids think they don’t need to work and they can just live off the system. Setting them up for life of being lazy. Both are capable of working and taking instructions. Although the mother of your kids did pass on to them her adhd and her autisim. I am surprised she doesn’t claim herself for social security. I guess she is so high all the time she wouldn’t know the difference. I am ashamed for your children. I know for a fact I would be an awesome mom because I have helped raise children before. I feel like I go to work for free. Work is my peaceful time… but I feel like a Slave because I hardly see the money and when I do its for food. I want to leave so badly but then I would have 2 apartment places claiming I broke a lease and I already have one taking 25 percent of my check. I have problems dealing with life lately because I am so unhappy with where we live. You claim it’s an awesome area because the killings shootings and Break ins are 4 blocks away.

    I hate my life now.

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