• Quiver

    by  • March 24, 2014 • Cheating • 0 Comments

    I’m done playing games.
    I’m done being the great lay.
    I’m done eating pussy to send your friends to seventh heaven.
    That all stopped a while back but I knew your friend
    was coming out so I did her.
    She’s the last one that ever gets my golden treatment.
    I don’t offer it any more.
    Don’t tell anyone else about it either.
    I’m done.

    if a woman wants to be with me its no longer a game.
    I’m not a toy. Any more, at least, I don’t want to be just a toy.

    The high point for her has got to be that she gets my loving, my caring, my sincerity, my depth. Not that my depth is that deep but its my depth.
    From now on she gets what she gets and that’s that.
    I will love her like I loved you when we first met. We might be married to other people but the time and intensity the depth, the love, the communication, the touching, the caring, well that is ours and ours alone. Fuck the sex. I don’t want the sex anymore. I want the connection. I want the depth. I want the caring. The world might end right now but we’ll always have that. Not very many men and women ever share that. But I swear, I will deliver on that 100% of the time. And you know I mean it.

    That’s why you sent your friend to me. It wasn’t for her pussy to be licked, although she loved every quiver she had. It was because I made her feel connected to me. Now I know why you came back to me. It was because of that.

    She didn’t want me to leave, but I did.

    She won’t remember the orgasms tomorrow but she will remember being with me and my love and how I made her womanry come out.

    You know I will always love and honor you no matter what happens.

    I hope this is alright that I sent this as an email because I don’t think I could have got through it all if we were on the phone with each other.

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