• My Should’ve Confession

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    Dear you,

    Unlike my shallow crushes, you were by far the closest to who I love. You were this laid-back guy, very mysterious and silent. My second year in high school was so good to be true. You were my seatmate and my companion. We talked multiple things we both like; manga,fiction novels and sports. I cherished spoiling you with details of Artemis Fowl. Though you look lazy, you are clever and a bookworm. I remember that you loved chemistry. I am envious because this subject is my weakness. There so many things I know about you. I like you.

    I liked you so deeply that I initiated fb chats with you. I only did that to whom I really trust. Near the end of high school, I gave you my favorite book which I want you to read. However, near the end of high school, you became distant. I wanted to say more before graduation, during fourth year or more ages ago. But, I stayed silent. This stayed as my one of my biggest regrets.

    Fear made me dropped my sword. Maybe, my love was weak enough to break because I only made that spark. You gave me your hints and I gave you mine. From what I understood, you loved another woman or just did not love me.

    Still, I like you. I hope that you would do great in life; career, marriage and family. I pray that we would find happiness in our separate ways.

    If I were to meet you again someday, I hope that you would see me as a better person. Then, the same thing to you.


    ps. you really looked hot in a black shirt.

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