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    It’s been sooo many years since you left my life but not a single day passes that i don’t think of you. Every year on your birthday i am broken. In all honesty when you left i became broken and just never got reassembled. You were my road dog. My backseat boxer. Anywhere i went you were there too. You by far have been the best dog i have ever known let alone been blessed to have had.

    I use to blame myself trying to deal with it all. I woulda spent 5000 more if it would have saved my best friend. I realize now most pet owners are identical to their pet in ways. We are both really strong. Not in the i can benchpress a million way but that we mask our own fears to protect others. We don’t like being that way but we care too much for others. You hid how bad you felt til it was too late. You didnt want to scare me. You didn’t want to hurt me.

    I do the same thing to people. I fear things but if it means helping someone i’m the first in line at battle shakin in my boots.

    Jasper thank you for being the best boxer ever. Thank you for protecting me all those years. You were the smartest decision i ever made. I miss you and love you and cant wait to play with you again someday.

    Ps…you better not be playin bob bob bob slap paws with anybody else while i’m gone.

    Pss…i eventually let dad convince me i needed a dog. He said opposite you. So she is little. Scared of everything under the sun. Drives me insane. She’s 7 now. Why i listened to dad beats the shit out of me. I love her but we are no match. I just really miss you man.


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