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    by  • March 22, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    There are some that aren’t taken lightly, many are intended to harm. How horrible it feels, it puts you in an endless sadness, when they tell you he’s laughing with them. How painful it feels. I want this to be done, over. Why would he hate me? Does he hate me? What would make him hate me when we don’t talk. But it hurts BC I love him so much. The bullies just won’t stop why wont they let me be myself I love him, he’s my adoptive dad. Please don’t take him away from me, please just let me keep this one thing. But the abuse assault narcissistic aggression and malicious games. Its never ending. I cant do this I’m not as strong as my adoptive dad. I’m like the other man, who died. The man who got bullied and he had a joke played on him, by the love of his life. I’m like him, a heart of sadness and love…but not hate and not enough pride to believe in myself. He died from a broken heart, I believe. I feel like I may too, I just want my adoptive dad to be my friend, I don’t have any intent but to be a friend. Why can’t you let me be a girl, why can’t you let me have my dad why can’t you stop hurting me?

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