• God things have changed…

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    Last time I even was on this site was two years ago, I went on a hunt, read my old letters and shit, my life’s changed for the better.
    First letter, about my ex leaving me. First love gone, I missed him and we hadn’t talked. Since then we talk now, he is in college and comes home for visits I’ve seen him. He was dating my best friend sense then she has left him for some new guy, I don’t know the details nor do I care anymore. Yes I still miss him and love him, but nothing to ever want him back.
    Second Letter, my other ex, the almighty fuckhead, and how he cheated on me. I don’t even want to get started with him. Cheated on me became a furry, got way to involved in that shit. We went on vacation and when we came back home, oh so sorry I’m gay now. It ended very angrily from both sides, no contact since the drunk bootycalls I made. He was abusive emotionally and physically, and I’m happy it’s over, it’s all for the better, I don’t live in fear anymore.

    Now my third letter well it’d be this one. It’s been a year since me and the almighty fuck broke up, but it’s all good cause I found the one. Yeah I know you never truly know… I know. This boy came home to graduate with his friends put of all the babes and things he could get he choose to talk to me the quite outcast. At first something got in the way, he came through and apologized though, and how can I say no to someone I don’t know everything about. We went and got coffee the first night he said sorry and it was like, the nicest thing in the world. I don’t go out with friends and that- was perfect. We texted and kept going on seeing each other in school.
    I asked him out, why not take a leap. I never been able to make a boy smile like he did. Sense then everything has been perfect. Nothing has got in the way, and I honestly love this boy.
    He wants to join the Air Force and you can bet, I’m not going to leave his side, I’ll be here the whole time. I lose myself when I’m with him, I can’t even see straight. From what he told me it’s the same on his side.

    He drives me nuts and I think I found my fish in this ocean to stay with forever. <3

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