• There’s an elephant in my house that no one is talking about.

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    Dear Mom and Dad,

    I see him all over the house. He stands giant under the roof you both provide for me and my siblings. His ears weigh down like my heart when i observe you two. His trunk silently reaches for water to wash away his discomfort. You both grasp to the silence. You viciously scrub away the discomfort, the anger, the sadness. You are together, and very alone. He consumes our home with his large body. You drown our home with stubbornness, and denial. I’m gentle with the elephant in the room, you walk right by him. I not only see the loss of love between you both, I FEEL it. As I run my fingers along the side of his enormous belly I FEEL the cold roughness. He stands so tall and firm but is he happy under this doll house roof? His thick legs have rolled layers of skin, that hang low to the floor. Emotionally weighed, isolated, and hung you two are always distant. The elephant is intelligent but unknowingly frighteningly defensive. He flaunts his bigs ears, but he does not take order, or listen for that matter. Not even to me, who treats him so gently. Less and less contact his ability to show affection is diminishing. He hides alone diminishing. Please, don’t ignore him anymore. Feel the sadness, the anger, the discomfort. I’m tired of pretending it’s okay he lives with us. I’d rather one of you at a time then all three of us if thats what it takes. If you do not love each other anymore- please accept the elephant in the room- one of these days its going to squash me.

    Your Daughter,

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    1. M
      March 22, 2014 at 3:59 am

      You are a great writer–I teach college writing. Keep on it–you have great use of imagery in this beyond your years . That means you are a talented writer who could be extraordinary at it if you keep growing.
      Nicely said.

    2. Kaitlyn
      March 24, 2014 at 12:11 am

      Thank you very much. Your compliment makes me feel a little more confident in this therapeutic scribble.

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