• Someday,

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    Someday, You are going to switch on the TV and see a familiar looking girl. A beautiful girl, with a radiant smile and sparkling eyes. The girl is almost in tears as she is crowned Miss Universe. You have seen her somewhere else, haven’t you? That girl who won that scholarship to Harvard ? That girl who published a bestselling book at 15 and appeared in the newspaper?

    Someday, you are going see her on stage, live. Ahead of the millions of people craning their necks to get a glimpse of their favourite celebrity. The flashing light of the cameras. The paparazzi lucky to have captured her smile. That million dollar smile on her face as she sees you. She knows you. And so do you.

    Someday, you’re going to think of that weird girl that you once knew. You know who, That same ugly girl that once used to like you. That same girl whose mere presence made you Cringe. That girl that made you change tables and walk away if you saw her coming your way. That awkward ‘silent’ girl you hated, solely because she liked you.

    Perhaps if such a day comes, you’re going go be sorry.

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