• Lost In Outer Space

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    For the guy I have a crush on

    The first time I saw you I thought I was in heaven. A man more than perfect… a 10^10^10 out of 10. I could not resist the gravitational force that pulled me toward you. You were a figure so mysterious, like no terrestrial being I’d ever met. Your eyes of lightening zapped my mind and sent me into shock. Like a particle being charged, your deep blue eyes sent electromagnetic waves throughout my body. I was taken by your spaceship to an extraterrestrial world. A place no man had taken me before. Leaving the earth, I road your rocket straight through the atmosphere. I was flown beyond Earth’s boundary and got ensnared into your space. You left me electrified, my heart paralyzed by ventricular dysrhythmias. Your smile took my breath away, leaving my dyspneic lungs hungry for your air. Once I caught my breath, I realized I was high up in the sky, as close as any person could get to being in Heaven. But I was not in Heaven. I was lost in outer space.
    But then I saw you, the planet Saturn. The planet Saturn is a pretty cool planet, at least on the surface. But you’re also the most distant planet, you have your reasons I’m sure. For deep within your interior, there is a helium shell that surrounds your core. Year after year, you continue to radiate 2.5 times as much energy into space than what you receive from the sun. You’ve somehow found this extra energy within yourself, most planets could never find. You had to though, because without the pull of your gravity, the rest of the solar system would be doomed. And it’s true, my sweet Saturn. No planet could replace you in this intergalactic space. You should not be neglected for all that you do. You are a planet of such great magnitude. Sometimes, though, the universe forgets you’re a planet too. Your work can be viewed as an expected standard at times. But Saturn, you are so very valuable and should be recognized more often for all your greatness and beauty. At times you’ve felt depleted of energy. You’ve endured many solar storms. There has been damage done to your heart from some collision with an asteroid or comet in the past. It slammed into your surface, creating craters in your heart. The attacks on you brought planetary stress and strain, causing a change in the structure of your D-ring. But you continued to be the second fastest spinning planet in space. You kept working because you had to, the universe relied on you. But when the stars lit Earth at night, you felt the pain inside your broken core. You rained out tears of helium, to release the feelings you couldn’t show. Overtime, your outer layers became depleted of helium. This left your surface cold and icy. The tears of helium had accumulated and left a helium shell surrounding your heart. You are not simple to define. You don’t like to expose your emotions. But my sweet Saturn, I don’t need a telescope to see you. I don’t need a telescope to see that you’re one incredible planet. With each of your 62 moons, you make the universe so beautifully unique. Along with Jupiter, you swivel around your orbit with much speed, completing a rotation about every ten to eleven hours. While you work so hard to shape the fate of our solar system, sometimes you forget about you. Saturn, you deserve to have extra energy spent on you for once. Your rings, those irresistible arms, are a special feature you have. Completely surrounding you, your rings maintain a boundary between you and other members of space. You keep your heart guarded. Your arms consist of ice, rock and debris left over from comets, asteroids, and shattered moons. But the rings you have do not show weakness, they show you have true strength. The change in your outer D-ring is a sign that you survived pain. A reminder that nothing is eternal: we’re all capable of changing and evolving, even through the worst of situations.
    Saturn I know you’ve been through something I can truly not imagine. You didn’t deserve to be attacked by those comets and asteroids. I’m sorry baby; I wish I could have been there. I can be here now though, if you ever need me. If you need some extra warmth on your icy surface, I can provide that, being the hottest world in the solar system and all. With my blanket of heat I’d capture you; I’d keep you safe and comfy…away from the frosty snow storms surrounding you. If you let me into your rings, Saturn, I would break that shell of helium formed around your heart. The solar winds would blow away the debris left over from those comets and asteroids. Piece by piece I would mend together each moon that you’ve had shattered; and set them all free in the sky. Your rings, you will still have those special rings, but they will be rings of light. Rings illuminating true love, reflecting new moons in the sky. My one and only Saturn, I wish you really knew, my longing and desire to give my love to you. But surely it is true, that you’ll never love me too. I’ll be forever lost in outer space, forever without you.

    sincerely, your evening star

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    1. c
      March 20, 2014 at 1:31 pm

      Wow. This was amazing to read. Just wow.

    2. tricia
      March 20, 2014 at 6:58 pm

      i have experienced this same pull as well. its hard to explain although you really played your words quite sophisticatidly. when i first met the guy i fell in love with, there was something there for me.. i wasn’t expecting it to happen, didn’t force it, or falsely feel that way for any reason, i just know my heart wants to be his.. without sound creepy of course. again, its hard to explain.

    3. S
      March 20, 2014 at 9:07 pm

      wow – beautiful

    4. evening star (author)
      March 21, 2014 at 2:54 pm

      Aww,thank u:-). It was so nice of you guys to take time to read my letter. My Saturn is a very special person. One of those few people you meet who seem to be angels from Heaven. Tricia, I definitely understand and your feelings sound honest not creepy. Hope it works out with your guy.:-)

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