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    I dreamt about you last night. I was walking my dog along a beach surrounded by houses perched high on the cliffs edge.
    As I passed below a particularly distinct and opulent beach house, I heard unmistakably your voice calling. I looked up to see you calling down to your dog who was joyfully running into the sea.
    You then turned to call my dog, except you were calling him Ernie?? So I called up to you that his name is not Ernie. That is when you recognised me and came down the stairs to the beach.
    We sat and talked while our dogs had a ball running into the sea. We talked and laughed, just like we used to.
    The strange thing was even though in my dream we were relaxed and laughing. I awoke drenched in sweat with my head pounding from such a vivid dream.
    Thank god you weren’t there today. I had to get right out of my head. I put my dog in the car told him we were going for a run at the beach. For some reason I didn’t take him to our usual designated dog walking beach. I couldn’t handle the thought of trying to make the expected small talk with other dog owners. I needed to be by myself.
    I ended up somewhere I haven’t been for years. It’s not a designated dog beach, so I had to negotiate a few disapproving looks from the oldies bathing. I disarmed them with a dimpled smile and a good morning. Works every time!
    I ran the length of the beach and around the rocky point to the next beach. On my way back, as I rounded the point I looked up and had to stop running. For right in front of me on the cliff was the house from my dream. It was like running headlong into a brick wall.
    I guess subconsciously, I had seen that house before. After all it is a large and very distinct beach house. Maybe that is why it ended up in my dream. However It’s been years since I have been to this beach.
    Silly as it sounds I had to look up to the deck of the house, but of course, there was no one there. I even turned scanning the beach for anyone that might have been you. But it was empty. Just myself and my dog left on the beach.
    I walked up the stairs to the cafe and got a coffee and some water for my dog. I then walked to the cliff edge opposite the house, and sat wondering what this all means.
    What is the universe trying to tell me?
    Why are you always everywhere I go? You can’t tell me you haven’t noticed it! It is more than just coincidence, Surely?
    My problem is I am so confused when it comes to you. I have no idea what you want. For my own sanity I have tried to minimise contact. I have tried being indifferent. But is that what you want? It’s not what I want from you. Why can’t you talk to me anymore? I might not show it obviously, but I have all the time in the world for you. If you would just talk to me.

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    1. Seane C.
      March 21, 2014 at 7:25 pm

      I really enjoyed reading this, I’m very familiar with that sort of feeling myself.

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