• what if?

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    What if I woke up one day and questioned it all? What if I want to leave school, pack a bag and travel the world? I feel so lost. What if I don’t remember the last time he made me truly happy? What if it’s all I’ve ever known, and can’t bear to leave, although it’s breaking me, one day at a time, and he doesn’t even know? The person I’ve been with for over four years, the person I thought that I’d be with forever, well that’s slipping away. What if we’ve been together so long, the passion is gone? the romance? The silence is so loud that it makes me want to scream. What if I do love you, but I’m giving up? What if all I want is to know that you still love me back and appreciate me, why does that seem like such a chore when it once was so easy? What if I’m not sure if I still love you, or if I’m just clinging on to the happy, carefree people we once were together? What if part of me wants to leave and never look back, but the other part of me couldn’t bear it? What if I’m such an extremely emotional person that I can hardly say anything out loud to you without crying first? I can’t sleep at night trying to figure it all out. What if I just give up, and see if you even notice? What if some people were just meant to give more love than they ever receive, and you’ve given me all that you can… well what if, what if, what if, is this the end?

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      I know this might sound crazy

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