• thanks for letting me become pathetic

    by  • March 19, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 0 Comments

    I appreciate that you guys give a shit about me. Like, yeah, it means a lot to me. But you let me grow up to become a flimsy little coward with no motivation whatsoever and not a single ounce of pride or dignity. Where’s the tough love? I was babied my entire life. I was never pushed enough. I was never challenged. And so look at me today. I live in a house full of abundance and privilege. I let it waste. People at my school think I’m a disgusting piece of empty-minded shit. I let it happen and sulk in the filthy bathroom stalls where I belong. I’m cheating on my boyfriend. Taking him for granted and I expect the both of them to hate me in the end. Or at least think I’m a little spoiled brat and a bitch.. I’m about to step out into the real world with no preparation whatsoever and no story to tell because my life has been so void of experience. What the fuck do I do? I’m lazy and forgetful and pathetic. It’s hard for me to stand up for myself. I shouldn’t be asking you to make me, but I need help. I’m tired of crying myself to sleep over these selfish nothings and Im sick of feeling so inferior to everyone, and I do mean everyone. My life is so repetitive and disgusting and empty of strife. help push me out of it. Shove me. Be honest with me. Stop hiding yourself from me. You’re not doing me any favors by not letting me go out and make mistakes and get rejected and grow some nuts. It’ll be for my own good..

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