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    We are not friends any more. I would have liked to have kept being so though.

    Your recent quips about people going to hell because they don’t choose “God’s path”, I just don’t like very much.

    I might be Agnostic, but I still keep the Christian values at heart.

    Having read about Jesus for years, having spent my time in the corner of my house because I was a poor abused child who had to secretly read my small New Testament book (otherwise I’d get punished for being found out), I know what you said is not valid.

    And maybe that’s why I’ve become Agnostic; I believe in Christ, but not people. People skew things, and continue to skew things. They take literal wording and they make malice out of it. What is the Christian religion now? I don’t know any more. I’ve scanned the stories a million times for hope time after time.

    You said I didn’t care about life, that I was a “YOLO” type of person. I have no idea how you concluded that idea from; I go from city to city to please my family and have little time for my own affairs. Also, I have Death anxiety. I can’t even bring myself to use a car because I’m scared of getting flipped over and maimed.

    I sincerely thought you were my friend. And because we had differing opinions about a few things, you dropped me like I was a steaming plate. I don’t understand. You never took the time to get to know me. When I saw you walking feebly on the sidewalk because the other guys were chatting amongst themselves, I tried to bring conversations up so you wouldn’t feel lonely.

    I get you were bullied in the past. So was I, by both family and friends. That’s no reason to use your “religion” to get back at everyone. For someone who claims to practice Christ’s ways, you sure do the opposite. Stop coddling yourself within your house because of videogames and everything being “too mainstream.” You said I did nothing to improve myself; well, from the looks of it, you’re much worse off than I am. At least I’m trying to get through college, trying to get my stuff published, trying to understand people of different faiths, with no faiths, not persecuting them for the hell of it.

    Change. I mean this sincerely. You have to change or you’ll lose everything before you know it.

    Good luck, old friend.

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    1. sheisnoneofyourbusiness
      March 19, 2014 at 8:27 pm

      I will risk losing everything.. oh yea about not being friends i figured that one out at hello!

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