• To “Just a Friend”

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    To you, my “just a friend”

    I can envisage now, in another dimension I am typing this letter that’s to somehow go viral so you’ll be one of the countless people to read this letter, oblivious that it’s addressed to you. Yes, I am a dreamer, and true, I’m unrealistic in thinking we’ll ever be together again. But I’ve learnt now, by you, optimism is the only way to continue on in life. I have this fantasy that the many worlds theory holds true and in some way we have been and will be together the way I wish we were in this world. I still remember how you said the romance had died so quickly between us. This shard of truth reminds me why we didn’t last, amidst the other reasons why. I still hold dearly the few relics left of our union and I still remember the scent of your cologne, every time I see it in the store or catch a whiff of it from a passer by, I struggle not to weep and I remember you and the flowers you showered me in just like all the love and support you gave me too…I still can see now, the chocolate brown your eyes were, the night I met you. How I burned brightly red, hoping I’d concealed my feelings then. And now the love has passed, I must conceal these feelings again. With a bit of luck, you won’t know about them, eventually. You once asked me why I love you, I recall choking on the silence and having no idea what to say, but felt every reason precisely, untranslatable but perpetual. But now that you’re gone in the sense of a lover and you’re “just a friend” I could scream out those reasons a thousand fold and know it wouldn’t change a thing because it’s too late and I’m not her. Your kindness and gentle but sometimes brutal support gave me strength when I was betrayed by myself and others. Your sweet, unfaltering words gave me comfort; your humour, happiness. And the pain behind my ears from being so content with having fun with you reminded me how it feels to live. You and all your struggles and imperfect beauty, your rebirth. You. Your cheek, your pride, the scars and tattoos upon your body, those records of who you are. Are the meaning of ‘I love you’

    Your “just a friend”

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