• Bear Territory

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    To one Sir Bunny T. Bear,

    Let me start by saying that I’m not sorry we didn’t work out and I’m not sorry for all that’s happened. I’m sorry it didn’t all happen sooner so we could stop wasting our time. But alas, as humans we’re blinded by love. We got along perfectly when we first met, like best friends. I felt like I could trust you and you, me. We were so happy and so passionate. I should’ve known there was something missing. We loved each other. Not only that, we were obsessed. With what, I’m not sure. I was angry because all the time and energy I invested in you, it was all wasted. Everything reversed in the last moments. Not because of me but because you fed me lies about what and who you wanted to be. I don’t care if you just want to be another simple citizen. There’s pride to be taken in raising a good family and being good to your wife. It’s okay to not have ambitions.

    Perhaps what brought us together were our ambitions. Perhaps I was too ambitious and you wanted to settle. It was contagious. Oh it was so much fun. You made me feel like I was on top of the world. And I was. I want to believe that you were too and that you’ll never get there again. Not without a strong woman. But you can’t handle a strong woman like me who is strong enough to give you freedom. I think you like being on a leash. It think you sadistically enjoy it. I know you can’t handle my brutal honesty, but no one knows you better than I, still even today. Even without seeing you the last 6 months, I know where you’ll go in the next 60 years. Nowhere. Whereas I will leave you behind. I’m truly disappointed in you.

    I fight for what I believe in and I’ll never stop. Forgive me if I was too aggressive. I didn’t have time to waste on you anymore and I wanted to be sure. I will always have love for you in my heart and as I’ve said to you the first time we talked, I just want you to be happy and grasp what you want, even if it wasn’t me. I thought that I’d never love again, but who am I kidding, I’m too loving not to love.

    We stopped fitting together because we were both whole, well, I was. You were still broken. I do truly hope you find yourself someday, not just the self that some girl wants you to be. I can see that happening again with Sendy. She’s molding you too. All your gfs have done it because you let them. I’ve probably given you the most freedom, but you just don’t know what to do with it.

    Well since you’ll never read this, I will gloat. I’ve found a man who is whole in soul and spirit. A real man. One who respects me and doesn’t fear me. One who loves me on his own terms. Whom I love because we’re whole separately and whole together. I’m happy with and without him. He doesn’t make me miserable. So, ha.

    Love always,


    p.s. I hope you’ve stayed out of my territory.

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