• im the one for who?

    by  • March 16, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Soulmate • 0 Comments

    Boy, i love you but you don’t give me what i need, i’ve been here chasing you for what seems like forever. When, i dont chase ever, how did this get flipped again? I don’t ever remember…. & remind me again why i should be the one going out of my way, i missed that too. Crazy how you can get caught up in this & it can get out of control…of& all of it for some texting? you were in town & didn’t even take any time out to see me. I think it s my ego, because this is the craziest nonsense i’ve ever involved myself in. & what am i getting out of it? A whole lotta nothing…so now that my light bulb has been replaced & i can see whats going on, things are going to change. I’m still more than happy to make an attempt and i’m not upset, i still have hopes this can work, i feel a bond from our past that still exists. But i think its time you prove yourself to me & if that’s too much to ask, then feel free where you at. I’m not going to tell you this but that one that was standing there asked me out sunday after work. I have every intention on remaining open until either you make a choice or someone else proves themselves first. Sorry but my feelings get in the way of my happiness. I put myself out there with a complete lack of effort on your end. Plus i’m not the type that needs to play the needy desperate role, stuck it out this far because of my dream though. But the one from. last night, i after taking a look i can’t turn that one down, not for so, little that you give. It sucks i know but that’s what happens, you don’t jump on board that trains going to leave you behind. & someones eager to steal your ticket, boys! Oh well…such is life

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