• You knew all along?

    by  • March 15, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    You, what are you? who are you? The one time I did something wrong and I get caught for it- God why! You shocked me with what you said and then I had to confirm it from someone. I am glad I ended the conversation. I was literally shocked. It was a one week dare and obviously on the last day you just threw me off my seat. I freaked out the whole night and the next day I had to confirm it- obviously mum is the best resource. There was no way I planning to talk to you the next day because I mean the dare was over but even if it wasn’t- I would never talk to someone that I was indirectly connected with. WHAT! sometimes honesty ruins things. This is why I don’t reveal things urgh. Well, who cares. Not a big deal anyway. It was nice meeting you. Sorry to be abrupt but I had to leave. I think that was just God’s sign of saying “STOP talking to people you don’t know”. Whoops.

    At least I can look back and laugh at it one day but not now lol.

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