• unspoken

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    I wonder if you feel the energy moving between us. Sitting beside you, I often wonder whether you sense the intensity building within me. I’ve never felt this way for a girl before, and I both hope and pray that you recognize my longing. Sure, I check out other girls as much as the next girl, but this involves so much more than that. It’s one thing to look at models and actresses whom anyone would find attractive if they’re sound of mind, but quite another to be drawn to a real and tangible woman. It’s not about your body, although I wouldn’t object to finding myself alone with it. It’s the way your smile crinkles the corners of your eyes as it lights up your face. It’s the genuineness of every word you say, as if it never occurred to you to be anything but completely real. It’s the slightly low pitch of your voice, which makes literally everything you say sound alluring to me.

    Part of me believes this is more than a silly girl crush. The other part reminds me that I have an amazing boyfriend whom I truly love, and that I have no idea how to even begin to find out if you feel anything that I do. In my head I can envision it happening – us getting together to study, or work on a project, and exchanging silent permission to take things a step further. Yet in reality, I can’t bring myself to do any such thing without you making it undeniably clear that you are inviting it. The truth is, I don’t quite know how this works. I don’t know what I want or expect, only that you’ve been overwhelming my mind since the day we met in January.


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