• Marriage of Roles

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    Cue the bride. Cue the bride again. Ok. Now in the dining room. Bedroom. Frame like perfection. Every wall. Every reminder that the two of you got married. That day. Become the role. Profile that image across every social media platform you have time for. Cue the husband. Cue the wife. Occasionally bitch about dirty socks. Gloat as well. Cartoon like images with some words you didn’t create. Cue the babies. Cue them a week later and every second there after. Cue them at breakfast. Cue them at dinner. Cue them during sex. Cue them for an excuse. Cue the plastic. Cue the decor. Let’s go shopping. How about again and again!?! Cue the work. Cue the stress building. Cue the matte reflections under the glossy mirage. Cue the excuse of daily grind. Love stays together through it. It grows. You don’t leave a marriage over boredom. Over monotony. Those pictures were expensive and we looked beautiful! He gets another spatula for the grill. Extra long this time. It was extra long last time too. She gets another heart shaped necklace. Maybe it has diamonds in it. It’s a symbol that she has his heart. Mass produced for many hearts. Maybe tonight they’ll talk about something different. Cue the silence. Cue the closeness in a crowd. She’s so annoying. He’s so grouchy. Cue the distractions. Oh look a hammer! Oh look at the craft idea I found online! Let’s pretend. Cue the addiction to material accumulation. It’s how the heart grows love.

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    1. uh no
      March 15, 2014 at 1:26 pm

      That’s not any marriage I know, nor have experienced in mine.

    2. time
      March 15, 2014 at 1:49 pm

      To leave honey. I honestly dont know why some say once your married you must stay even when you are unhappy. Its simply not true. That is the voice of someone else, therefore their opinion. And i respect it but my advise to these people that throw stones…is if you dont like it dont do it but who are you to advise my situation that you know nothing about, just because you stuck with yours? Maybe they are happy but yet you can advise me on what im going through? If I disagree then im somehow damned to hell with bible verses that i completely believe but dont understand why these specific ones are soo much more important than the rest? Because the “stone throwers” definately dont live completely by them all…i thought god forgives us for poor choices, doesnt expect us to be perfect all the time, i didnt enter into marriage with ill intent but it didnt work out, yeah there are children involved but i m not walking away from my children ( what about the children of single parents who break up? Do they mean less to u stone throwers?).the bible also loves to love your neighbor do you follow that and all the others at all times? Doubt it but you pick this topic as the unbreakable hell deeming one, why? Buttom line people should judge and stick there nose into others business if not to support, do whats best for you and everyone and yes people sometimes that means divorce….

    3. I'll take one if you have any left
      March 15, 2014 at 9:06 pm

      I’m in. Sold on the deal.

      “When can we get started?”

      The heart shaped necklace with the diamonds, watered my eyes.

      And I’m a dude, FFS.

      I even liked the spatula part…..awhhhhh……Ok, I’m kidding ’bout dat.

      A fine piece of writing, indeed.

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