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    i always had a roommate, but the newest of them is a person as old as my mother. i thought it would be easier to be with her because she told her son is as old as me, but i thought wrong. indeed she is like a mother but a different kind of mother compared to mine. She told me that she is very disappointed with her eldest because her son did not listen to her when she told him to enter law school immediately before graduating college. I ask why didn’t he enrolled right away. She told that her son wanted to teach first and he was employed as a professor in the university where he graduated for two years, and she was very disappointed at that. then she asked me how much is my salary and i told half of it, and she was angry and told everybody that it is very unfair that i’m receiving that much while others don’t, is it my fault that i applied and the give me that kind of salary??? I don’t know how much bitterness this person has taken in her body that a person’s success is such a nauseance to her. And then there’s her another story that before (i don’t know how long ago) that she had the highest salary among all the people working here and yet she told that they have done magic in order to get high salary. i really don’t know what this person want in life.

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      really? One should be so fortunate.

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