• friendship….to M.E

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    I don’t know if you have ever been on here…but I have read some things that make me think of you…in any event I decided to leave this here in hopes that you might find it…
    It’s hard trying to be friends with you..i know that sounds crazy, considering if I had a best friend it would be you..but I mean , just friends after every thing else we have been to each other….
    I’m trying though..surprisingly enough you are too…i hope it works. In the months we’ve been going through all these changes I realized my life is a darker place with out you in it..and apparently we both tend to spiral and make bad choices when left to our own devices…if for some reason you are not serious about your intentions though its best you disappear now I can not go through another gray period of not knowing with you ever again…with out becoming psychotic..sorry..i know that’s harsh…it’s just you almost make me believe in unconditional love and I’ll be devastated to find out otherwise…please guard my heart this time, against even yourself..at some point we will have to discuss all the things you were hiding so we really can move past this..no skeletons or ghosts waiting to attack when we least expect it and we have to learn to be completely honest with each other again ..no secrets or half truths this time…please don’t let me down…please don’t let me go….
    love you still…despite the odds stacked against us…
    your very best friend

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    1. tricia
      March 15, 2014 at 6:03 am

      definitely agree with you. trust and opennes (communication) is what makes a sturdy foundation. that’s how I’ve always felt with him. like i could share anything with him. he was part of thru reason i wanted to change how things were heading in my life.

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