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    It’s been over a week. I keep replaying our goodbye and I meant every word that I said. I love you. I miss you. You’re amazing. You deserve to be happy. If I loved you I would let you go.
    And so I let you go.
    It’s a shame things turned out the way we did. I thought we ended on amicable terms. I thought that we shared respect for one another. Again, I’m proven wrong.
    I’m sorry for cheating on you when we initially started dating. I felt rejected from my past relationship, and that’s normal. It’s not an excuse, I know I hurt you. For that, I’m sorry.
    But you can’t tell me that I wasn’t good to you. You can’t tell me that I didn’t give it my all. You can’t tell me that I didn’t love you. I love you, beyond words, that’s fact.
    I know you know all these things. I know you tried to get past it. I know it was hard. But your feelings caught up to you and you couldn’t do it anymore. I understand. And so we ended things. Because we loved each other. Because we didn’t want to hurt each other.
    I can’t ask you to consider me, anymore. And I know your goal is to not give a fuck. But please, stop. I can honestly say that I never intentionally hurt you. What you said keeps replaying, that you wanted to hurt me just as bad so I can understand your pain. And you’ve done it.
    As much as I want to hate you for all of this I can’t. I love you too much. Just want the best for you. Maybe one day we’ll get past this and grow together. Maybe we won’t. Whatever is in store for us, I wish you the best.
    Know that I love you,

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