• Dear You… from the dream

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    Dear Sir,
    I dreamt of us yesterday. I don’t remember your face, but I somehow know it was You. I know, because I have never before felt so safe, as I did, then, in your arms.
    We were at some banquet, talking to many people, but seeing only ourselves. I was in a dress, you wore a suit that fitted you perfectly. And then, at some point in the evening you got up, walked up to me and told me that I wasn’t safe here anymore, and that we had to leave.
    I listened to you and took my coat. At first we walked empty, snowy, lighted streets, I leaned on your strong arm, you pulled me close to you, as if you never wanted to let go. And then you lifted me up and kissed me. Snow started to fall. You pulled me even closer, pressing me so hard to your chest that I could feel your heart beating. I put my hands around your neck. You smiled and whispered something.
    And then everything around started to burn. Flames were reaching up, towards the night sky, as if they wanted to kill the angels in heaven.
    But I didn’t care, you carried me through it all. I didn’t even feel the heat. You. Just you.
    Yours for eternity,

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