• Okay Here Goes

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    Okay here goes, everything.

    First of all, I’m sorry to M*, for I know I have hurt him. In the process of falling in love I knew all along we were never meant to be. But I thought if I push myself to believing we were, I thought that maybe we could work it out. I am selfish. I wanted to feel loved. I wanted to feel special. You made it all possible for me. I love you for that.

    I know we made a lot of promises. I know we build a lot of hope for our future. I have hurt you before, and before i hurt you again, I am saying good bye.

    We both have dreams to achieve and I want you to reach yours as I’m slowly reaching mine.

    I love you, because you made me stronger. I love you because you’re my motivation. And if by chance the universe would let us be together, I would never have second thoughts to be with you.

    But right now. We have to be apart. If you would find someone to love you wholly, I would not regret loving you.
    I will never regret loving you.

    Second, to S*. you are my soul mate. My best friend, brother and my husband (this is just a pet name). You make me laugh. You listen to me. You make me strong when M* and I broke up. You’re always there. And the “we” is confusing me.

    I love you very much. From the bottom of my heart. Stop confusing me.

    I know I’m single. I know and stop drifting my thoughts away from M*.
    Its not fair
    you’re not fair.

    stop being nice.
    Stop it.

    We’re both friendzoning each other.
    Its not gonna happen
    we flirt. A LOT
    its annoying.

    stop it.
    don’t make me fall in love with someone who’s not willing to catch
    don’t make me fall in love just when I’m about to forget someone
    don’t make me fall in love if its just another bump on the road.

    its confusing
    its tiring

    its just plain annoying.


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