• Sunshine

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    Lovely Sunshine:

    This summer it will be three years since I opened up and told you how I felt about you. You said that it couldn’t be — that to you, we were “just friends”, that you treasured our friendship very much and that you were sad that we weren’t “on the same page”. It would be a lie, you said, to carry on with such friendship. I tried so hard to carry on with it though, but you were right. It’s simply not meant to be. Every time I see you… It is impossible for me to see you as “only a friend”. And your going around hurting yourself makes it even worse. We’re finally living a few thousand miles apart, and I find myself being glad and heartbroken at the same time. I trust time & distance will do their thing.

    I wish I could bring myself to tell you this personally–I can’t. Just as I can never be “just friends” with you.
    I’m sorry.

    Goodbye, Lovely Sunshine.


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