• I Give It 2 Years, Tops

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    You told me that you weren’t the best for me. And sure, I could probably find something better out there. But you know what is absolutely true? I was GREAT for you.

    Maybe you wouldn’t have been the best influence on me, wouldn’t have been as supportive or romantic or Prince-Charming-Perfect as my subconscious dreams for at night. But I loved you for who you were, negatives and positives. I, however, would have nudged you towards your dreams when they seemed impossible. I would have consoled you after a horrible day at work. I would have made you feel like you were the most important, loved and appreciated man in the world. And you know that, because I already treated you like that. I gave you everything that I was, all of my heart, all of my willpower, all of my love. You will still admit to this day that I was the best person you’ve had in your life.

    We broke up in July. That’s 8 months ago now. September you got a new girlfriend. November she left you. December you won her back. And in February you got engaged.

    I’m not sure what hurts more – that fact that I was so easily moved on from, or the fact that what you really wanted all along was the skank at the bar who would take home a different guy every night.

    I’m going to go on living my life, having adventures, meeting people, and chasing my dreams – exactly what you want out of life.

    And in the meantime, enjoy your new-found diseases that you’re bound to have from your trashy fiance, seeing as she slept with half of the town.

    Oh and by the way, I’d put money on the fact that she’ll cheat on you real quick here. She obviously likes variety.

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