• the return of “her”

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    To You,
    You did it to me…you came back and started turning my mind with thoughts of all those memories.Memories of one of the best times in my life and I shared so many with you…so refreshing, just like you. Where have you been allthis time? It took so long for your memories to fade. I thought you were just a memory, one for me to reminisce and smile to. One that has always warmed my heart. I carried so much love for you and those memories all these years. Lost love? Yes, without a doubt, but not the type that cause an ache inside your chest but one that causes that feeling of warmth to flow from head to toe and make you wonder, where did she go? I just knew you were out there making someone the luckiest man on earth. And i ended up continuing on with my life, as we all do. Living the ordinary life with no reason to really complain. Then to my disbelief, there you were again. As second my brain processed it, I felt my heart begin racing. I immediately went back through those memories. Almost felt like I was back in those times and completely forget my regular life, for just a second.that is until i looked in the mirror at my refection and thought this isn’t the man she knew. But it didn’t matter,you came back, you found me! I thought okay now what. i want her in my life, i can’t lose her again and what about my regular life? What took you so long? Why now? It took awhile for me to sort through my thoughts and what to do but in the end,I knew it would be my life’s regret if I didn’t connect with you. You came back for a reason I was sure of it. But what was the reason and what about my regular? I called and it was everything I feared, you were still the same as I remember but now even more. You were still her but had spent all this time perfecting your life. And even worse, nobody had swept you off the market for good, how wss this? So, I asked, I had to know. Your choice? You want to make sure it’s right? You’re not the typical one the just wants the “dream” and will say yes after a month? How can this get any worse for me? We decided to meet, as to caught up. And talk about immediate attraction. This was just weird, I wanted to feel uncomfortable but couldn’t. It was like no time had ever passed. We enjoyed every second of it. It was impossible to leave from that first encounter the same people we were the day before. Now I know why you ended up back here with me, this is were you have always belonged. But what about my regular life? Well it wasn’t easy…for me or you but I thank everyday we pulled through. I had to make life changing sacrifices and you had to be patient. But we did this and we have been living this dream ever since. How is it possible for life to be this good? After years together again I still at times wonder if I’m not just sitting dreaming about all those memories that felt so good. Thank you for becoming my reality and showing me how good life feels with you. I ended up the luckiest man on earth.

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    1. tricia
      March 6, 2014 at 10:48 am

      what a beautiful letter. she’s a lucky lady

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