• Dear Asshole

    by  • March 6, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    Well, like I said, I think our friendship should be honest enough to call eachother out when we are being assholes so here:

    You were an asshole to me.

    Now THAT’S being redundant.

    Fuck you very much for being the selfish dick you are and pulling me back and declaring “whatever it takes” to make things right. You are so full of shit. Why didn’t you just leave me alone? You obviously just needed some kind of ego stroke because your world was imploding. Or some bullshit overly hyped drama you wanted me to believe. Truth was you were sitting with your thumb up your butt, while spinning your wheels talking out of your ass. Which sounds complicated, yet you can do both at the same time apparently. Selfish. You just wanted extra time to get over whatever it was. Where the fuck were you when I needed you? Probably saw something shiney and it diverted your attention. OR the ever popular “should I react or let them settle down” debate? Stop being an asshole ya asshole.

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