• To my Jail Bird

    by  • March 5, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Thinking of you • 0 Comments

    Dearest Friend,
    Let me know when you get out, okay? I’ve been worried about you ever since I last saw you get arrested at work. Each time I have to see that happen it kills me that I can’t do anything to help. Please, do everything in your power to not let her send you back to jail. I know you love your daughter, but if this keeps happening you’ll never be able to see her again. You’re getting walked all over and you don’t deserve it. You’re happy and always smiling and bringing sunshine where ever you go. This seriously can’t happen anymore. You don’t belong in a cage. I’ll continue to pray for you. Hope you’re alright.
    I’d visit if my boyfriend wouldn’t freak out about it. I’m sure that even with you in jail, he’s still unsteady with our friendship… I miss you though. And love you (shouldn’t but I do). Come back in one piece.

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