• Dear Mr. M. Williams

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    There is not a day that goes by that i don’t think of you.

    So far away and yet so close to me. I think of the first time we met. But more often than that I think of the last time we Saw one another.
    That was the most intense relationship of my entire life..and it looks so small from here.
    It was so exciting. And so devastating. I will never forget you.
    And I think that I will always love you. These many years later, and i still get little reminders of you, dancing around my life.
    We crushed one another. And we held on to the broken fragments for so long, that neither of us can feel the glass anymore…but only the sting from the reminders of what we had.

    Another time, another place, another world.
    It could be different, but it will never be. We cant let it. This is our life now. Apart. forever.

    I will always love you. Good luck being back home. You deserve it.

    Love always. Forever.

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      Matty Bass Williams

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