• Confession

    by  • March 5, 2014 • Friends • 0 Comments

    I miss you, and I’m not ashamed to tell you, but there’s a girl in your life, and things are complicated. I wish she understood that I don’t want to steal you from her. I’m not gonna lie, of course there are times when I picture you and me together as a couple. Our friendship has always been somewhat platonic and our feelings were never that clear. Or maybe it was, maybe your words meant exactly what they sounded, idk. The thing is: I love you as a friend, and I miss our friendship. I only think about having a relationship sometimes because it’d be easier for me, because you know my problems, my secrets, my fears, you know how screwed up I am. You’d accept me for who I am, and I would not have to ask for your support.
    But I don’t miss being your girlfriend, not at all. I miss being the one you’d tell your secrets. I miss the mental connection we had, the talks about the universe and why it is the way it is, the laughs, the nicknames, the nights we didn’t sleep because we had so much to talk and the next morning we’d see each other and laugh because we’d have an awful morning face.
    I miss being your best friend.
    But if you don’t miss me, then fuck you, sir. You never really gave a shit about our friendship, it’s about time I start not caring either.

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