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    I used to miss you so much, but I never felt like you missed me back and so I guess I’ve just stopped missing you.

    The whiff in the air tells me you are somewhere around and this is “one” feeling which will never go wrong.

    Stranger than how this feels is, when you standing right in front of me wearing blue pretend that you don’t even take notice of me being around you.

    What you are doing and have been doing has been just for you. It’s never been about me, nor it was ever.

    How pretentious is all this. You pretend that walking away from you was my idea. You pretend it’s all for me. You pretend it’s all my fault. You pretend you would be better off.

    It’s just all about pretending, was this really what we became friends for? The first time I walked up to your desk in the evening and we exchanged voices and from there on until now.

    Isn’t is so more convenient, less stressful, less mental space, less guilt and probably one less thing to deal with.

    It was always about you.

    Not me | Not us

    Even then. In moments of clarity and silence and before everything comes to a still.

    I hope you do realize the unsaid. But that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

    Because it was never about me.

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    1. that was my letter
      March 3, 2014 at 7:09 pm

      I’m the one who wrote the letter you are referencing here. Referencing word for word. You do not know me. Perhaps you need to recheck whatever you “whiff”. What is pretentious is someone thinking my letter is for them. So I’m going to say it again. You don’t know me. This is why people should speak in real life instead of using this place as some meeting place for affairs of whatever. Lately I have had multiple people going on and on talking to me as though I’m their person. So the likelyhood you have been talking to me instead of them is pretty high. I’m a woman. There’s no desk involved in my scenerio, I’m certainly not Blue the color or commenter, etc. You may be speaking of your soulmate but since I’m not them, maybe you should second guess that concept?!

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