• Oddities

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    A childhood sweetheart tells me of false relationship woes and hugs me. That chapter was closed years ago. No matter, I know what the other one is trying to prove.

    I rode my bike to the sandwich shop, starts in going the wrong way. There’s a box of kittens. A quick scratch and I leave them behind.

    Our boss wants to take us on an annual boat trip. The boat is a big old wooden thing, cabins above and below deck. Some have tents set up. Boss tells me we’re sleeping below deck. The rooms are small, little benches to sleep on not even the length of the human body.

    I open up the back hatch. Open sky, and Tommy Lee Jones is just.. floating there with two others that I know. He says he’s always been like this, his feet are never on the ground . They start to drift away beneath the clouds. I worry they’re lost.

    Some darker skinned children come up behind me, tell me my mother and her fiance have arrived. I see the sky drifters above deck and am relieved they were not lost.

    There were others implants over the last two weeks, but just know I’m not a very violent person. Bicycle thugs carrying…stakes?, broken jaws, and a man watching me change through a crack in the door.
    Real life:
    They talk a lot about adding a canine to our family. I think it’d be a swell addition.

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