• Lyd

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    I’ve missed you every single day. I wanted us to work but you blamed me for everything and trusted me with nothing. You accused me of cheating so many times when I never once did. Blamed me for getting you kicked out, when in truth it was both our faults. You never believed me with any thing I ever said.

    I told you we could work on getting a place together. That I always thought of the next day, the next week, month, and year. I always thought ahead and every time I thought about the future, I saw you in it. You told me the only reason you were texting was to hear a pretty little lie to help you sleep. You know why I didnt say anything at all to that? Because it wouldnt have been a lie, it would have been the truth, but you would have taken it as such. As a lie.

    I STILL wanted us to be together and work out. I wanted you to talk to me. Tell me straight up. Stop the off-handed hints and comments and just be 100% truthful. But you couldnt. So all I could say was stop texting me. It would have been so easy for me to apologize for everything including things that I never did. Just so I could have you back, but it wouldnt have fixed a thing. I wanted things to be truly fixed. I wanted things to actually work between us. I wanted a life with you. I always will too.

    I wish you would text me and be truthful. Be honest. Tell me you want me. Prove that you want me. That you want this to work. I wanted YOU to tell me, “Lets do this. Let’s try.” But even at the end, you couldnt do that. You STILL couldnt talk to me.

    I love you

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