• Here we go again

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    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Even up to this point, I can tell that you haven’t changed. She has, but you haven’t and honestly I am probably better off, which is why I ceased in my pursuit of you. I could easily confront you and demand answers; try to fix things between us, but I’ve a feeling it would all be in vain. Because you haven’t learned to grow up yet and your misplaced sense of loyalty only took something from you that you may learn to regret losing.

    I can’t explain to you why I did what I did. But it had absolutely nothing to do with you. I’m glad you two apparently fixed whatever rift had been in your friendship, but just because I severed ties with your friend doesn’t mean you had to do so with me. Is this your way of trying to show me how it feels? To get me to rethink my decision and repair the bridge I burned? Because all you’ve accomplished here is take away yet another friend from my life. My actions had a purpose, but you are so narrow-minded and biased, you would not understand them and all that would happen is you’d relay those intentions to her and she’d just get more pissed off than she already is.

    I was nothing but nice and sympathetic for you and your situations. I wanted nothing but to help you, offer an empathetic ear and give you advice and try to keep you sane. Because that’s what a friend does. I was looking forward to your assistance when I start my training. Yet because I won’t be friends with your friend, that means I can’t be your friend either? I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make much sense to me.

    If your plan is “an eye for an eye” that you project will make me “come to my senses”, you are gravely mistaken. If, on the other hand, your intentions are merely to choose between two friends, then don’t bother trying to come back. I’m done with the drama and would rather be lonely and friendless than constantly dealing with that crap.

    *sigh* I guess it was inevitable. Things change. People come and go. Life goes on. These will be my final words to you. This letter that I’ll never send.

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