• One Day

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    I am 22. I am young and at a time in life when a lot of people only dream of marriage and having a family. To me…those people lack big dreams…lack goals…lack adventure. For the past 8 months I have tried my hardest to find someone to settle down and be in a long term committed relationship with… But it is hard. For some reason..I am attracted to those people who are like me…we are the ones that are all about adventure…traveling…seeing the world…having fun…following our passions…doing what we love…working hard for it…studying our asses off…moving to new cities…living alone because it’s easier right now…not opening up to people unless it is just to have a few one night stands and a couple dates with….I am the type of person that LOVES having someone that cares about me…I love cuddling…I love sex…I love dates….but I know that I am honestly not ready to give my full attention to any one person…and it took me until tonight to realize that I don’t have to expect the people I am hooking up with to be anything more than what I need right now. I want all the perks of a relationship without one…I know that is living in a fantasy..but I know that it is just for now…it isn’t forever. One day…One Day I will find someone that will make the difference…one day I will meet a person that I choose to settle down with. But I gotta stop putting dating before my life…these past 8 months have been a wash…a wash of what could have been….I’m over that. I am ready to leap forward…to see what is to come!

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