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    We were going to tell my parents, but you ran away. I began wondering if I wasn’t worth anything. But then I had a good talk with one of my friends and the truth is that you were a coward. You couldn’t face going together to talk with my parents and I don’t deserve that. I am worth fighting for. I’m glad we didn’t get involved any further because what if you left me for something else if another problem arose. Love is about sticking together through thick and thin if at all possible through the good times and the bad. I’m afraid you’d up and run away in the bad times. So I learned something and that is I’m worth fighting for and I deserve someone that can give that to me. I still love you and I always will, but maybe this is for the best that you ran away, because you wouldn’t have been brave enough to stay. I would have lost you at some point.

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    1. good for you
      March 1, 2014 at 1:49 pm

      Someone did something like that to me once. And you are right. They probably would have left eventually because they were weak. Unfortunately too many people make promises or whatever without really seeing that others will actually believe them; believe in them. They bail and trust is gone. Worst part is being left alone feeling like you weren’t worth it even if the problem is them. Take care.

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