• Can you hear my tears dropping

    by  • March 1, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    Wherever you are my love can you feel the pain I have it’s indescribable what grief does to you . When I look at the sun and people in love … It stings my god dam heart I want to rip off because I feel so much pain. I can’t say this to you but I know you feel me you comfort me and I’m so sorry because you see me unhappy down here and your probably happy up there . I thought I saw your face in my reflection and I can’t possibly explain the feeling of pain I had . I’m 20 but I can’t imagine another 60 years without you . I love you can you feel the drops of tears do they come up there where you are ? I hope not my everything because you don’t deserve that . I will never let you go.. Since the day you drowned I have never let your hand go . And that image of you remains with me like a old man missing his home town . How I hate the ocean my love . How I hate so much … Tonight I say I love you in a different way … In this website . What you meant to me and who you where I wanna write and talk and feel everywhere anywhere forever until I have no pain more to be felt and that will be never. Please forget me forget me never but when you forget me forget me forever .

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