• ignoring me is destroying me

    by  • February 25, 2014 • Depression • 5 Comments

    I’m giving up on you, I’m irrelevant when you’re with them and that really hurts even though I act as if it’s fine well it’s kinda not fine at all..you hurt me most out of all the people In my life and the reason being is because I care about you the most so I let you in, and we’ll u just shut me out when it suits u, when you don’t need me because you busy with that ‘other person’ yeah it makes me feel like shit and it hurts I get upset a lot because. Of you and then when u talk to me again I feel Ok and forget about u completely fucking ignoring me, but as ‘you say’ there’s only so much one person can take and I’m starting to reach my limit, i have stop texting u so much these days and I’m letting the conversation go dry on purpose for my own reasons because I’m fed up with being the one you talk to when your not with them and then completely blanking Me and not being able to talk to me when u go visit them, yeah u said and I quote…’I may as well not talk to them if I talk to you for the amount that we talk’

    well it’s Ok for you to do it here though cus u don’t put ur phone down when ur here..here that’s another thing, u ain’t bothered about visiting now going round there all the time that just really sucks tbh I noticed when u fell out for that day and u were angry well u said u wished u could come visit me and u was on about it… U wasn’t bothered when u and them was Ok… Just like now ur not bothered..these are the little things I’m starting to see about u, now that you are round there all the time u have no time for me and that really fucking hurts my feelings, but yeah I’ll get over it soon enough…I have to right?!! The best of it is you know how I feel and you still act this way with Me..that is not caring about a person that Is being mean and thinking about yourself without a care for others…what exactly did u think I would do chew your ear off all night?? No I wouldn’t do that I’ve tried to show u that I don’t even text u that often any more…I just needed to talk to u I needed u to to be there for me as I am ALWAYS there for, I was upset hurting crying and feeling really down what happened to I’ll always be there for you’ and then u just go and ignore me like I’m just a stranger..well don’t worry I won’t trouble you with my problems any more I won’t even text u phone you or anything because I’m not a fucking choice when ur bored or need entertainment… U said to me the other day u missed me yeah fucking right u really show it these days NO u just really hurt me these day and maybe it’s because I became to close to you that u destroy me all the time. It’s not Ok I’m not Ok and u can’t even see it.
    Do you know I have all the time in the world for you your my best friend, i wish I could say the same for you because whenever I’ve needed you lately, you haven’t been there I never thought u would be this way with Me well I can’t let it keep getting to me anymore because it’s upsetting me so much to the point that I Fucking cry my heart out over you and I don’t do that over anyone I need to harden up grow the fuck up and sort myself out and learn to be my own best friend..because your just not bothered or around all that much any more 🙁
    This is my life this isn’t just a letter think before you comment.

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    1. Me
      February 25, 2014 at 12:54 pm

      Who are “they” and “them” darling? You should know that not everything is what it seems and making assumptions based out of fear and insecurity is damaging. Trust me, I know.

    2. britney
      March 5, 2014 at 1:59 am

      Maybe they arnt droppin you for others at all. Maybe they are content and find no problem in being alone. Maybe they dont feel they constantly need company. Over the last few years ive had people think this about me. The truth is my free time is my free time. Spent wherever with whomever fits the time. The last thing i need is a friend making me feel on edge for being myself.

      Ease up some
      explain what you feel
      then just enjoy

      Most people arnt assholes on purpose
      good luck

    3. Betrayal
      March 5, 2014 at 12:03 pm

      Who said anything about constantly being around? Its too bad your idea of being around whoever and wherever in your spare time include meeting up with someone after a 5 minute conversation about sexual interests and going out for another ond night stamd ramdom fuck that didnt bother to get your namd…but when it comes to acknowledging my existance, I get ignored because you are so “content” with being alone that you cant even say one word to me? Well, that doesnt hold true for those that see you as a piece of meet to get off on and go but for the one whos in love with you? Silence? Fuck you and your lies. Everything that comes out of your
      Mouth is a lie except the 15 guys loads you take per week. Wait! Everything that comes out of your mouth really is a lie. Those loads went down…not out. What did I see in chick like you? Your whole being is a lie. Your a lie down to the existance of your soul.

    4. @Betrayal
      March 6, 2014 at 9:03 am

      Stay calm. Here are many dark forces. They are working together, trying to make you mad.

    5. Wow.
      March 6, 2014 at 2:07 pm

      That’s 2 a day during the week, maybe 4 on a Saturday, and just one…presumably at church.

      Dang !! 😉

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