• Cracks

    by  • February 14, 2014 • Thoughts • 0 Comments

    Maybe it was supposed to be easier
    Or maybe its just who I am
    You and I aren’t meant to be
    So why do you keep coming back
    We’re running around in circles
    Chasing each other with nasty words
    That cut each other up
    And break us down
    Causing even more cracks
    In this cracked up love of ours.

    I don’t know if this is done or if I’m still ever going to add lines to it but when I go through hard times all I do is switch off and allow myself to just type. No editing has been done to this so I apologise if it doesn’t sound that great. The guy this “poem” is about really hurt me and he is definitely never coming back. Which breaks my heart. I would honestly prefer to have him and have him hurt me than loosing him and not have him at all. I love him. I love you. I miss you so fucking much.

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